Natrix natrix

Diary of Dennis

Ringed snake photo cropped

We found a grass snake in our garden pond yesterday. This is a non-venomous snake you can find here in Germany, generally in Europe from Scandinavia to southern Italy but I learned that you can find them in the Middle East and northwestern Africa as well.

The binomial name is “Natrix natrix”, the English name is grass snake but sometimes also called water snake or ringed snake, the last name is similar to the German name, because we call this snake Ringelnatter and that means ringed snake. The German name comes from the necklace pattern behind the head.

The snake was probably searching for prey in the pond as we have amphibians like frogs there. The grass snake likes to eat amphibians but has problems to catch fishes, but they do seek for handicapped fishes and they do also eat smaller mammals. The ringed snake does grow to 1 meter…

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