Do you believe in “signs”?

the self-styled life

Do you believe in signs? Do you believe in an afterlife, or that people who’ve left this life are still around, somehow touching our lives in small or even sometimes big ways?

After announcing my pregnancy, I got a lot of really beautiful comments, both here and from friends and family, noting that although I’ve been feeling neutral about my due date (which falls on the anniversary of my sister’s death), it definitely meant something.

It’s funny, because I’d probably be the first to tell another person that a coincidence like that was significant. I do believe that the dead are still with us, in ways we don’t necessarily understand. I even find reincarnation convincing, despite the fact that my Christian background doesn’t support it. Nature-The Universe-God is the ultimate recycler–there are countless examples in the natural world of the fact that nothing ever truly disappears–it all feeds…

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