The future looks a lot hotter and wetter, says science


Here’s something you don’t hear climate scientists say very often:

“The bottom line is that things are not that complicated.”

That’s Reto Knutti, head of the Climate Physics Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, speaking withThe New York Times. And that warm feeling inside of you is the satisfaction of knowing that you’re about to understand some science!

Take a moment to savor that feeling. Knutti is a climate scientist, after all, so we know that whatever he says next is going to be a huge downer:

“You make the world a degree or two warmer, and there will be more hot days. There will be more moisture in the atmosphere, so that must come down somewhere.”

Wow, dude — that’s not science, that’s poetry. (Except that it is science, and the subject of a new paper that Knutti and his colleague Erich M. Fischer published yesterday in the journal Nature…

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