All Opinions are Not Created Equal



We are all entitled to an opinion…

But not all of our opinions are equal.

Let me be clear: as people, all of us are equal.  Nevertheless, each of our opinions on all topics are not.  And, while we are all entitled to our opinions that entitlement to posses them does not give our opinions equal weight.

Opinions are personal views, attitudes or evaluations.  And, because opinions are not facts, they have an array of interpretation in them.   They can range from one’s ideas about personal preferences (“Gymnastics is more fun than ice skating.” or “Steak tastes better than chicken.”) to one’s belief about politics, education or science. 

In the first type of opinions—those of personal preference—all are equal because we all get to decide what things we like best for ourselves. 

Then, there are opinions that are derived from professional expertise.  Again, these are not…

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