Diana Laughed



The Huntress has seen everything
shined on all who ever lived.
Apollo too of course by day
but since Diana rules the dark
she knows full well what night conceals.

She watches as we park the car
to wait the rising of the sun
my lips upon your pillow lips
her light reflected in your eyes
we did not want the sun to rise.

And then Diana playfully
laughed and shouted out to me
“You’re not exactly Antony!”
fumbling with bra and hooks
the ins and outs of garter belts.

She laughed out loud as finally
my clumsy fingers bared a breast
while praying that the god Apollo
would take a second morning coffee
pushing back the breaking dawn
so I might lay in darkened bliss
enveloped in my lover’s arms.

Diana smiling shook her head
knowing well what we were feeling;
driving beams across the heavens

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