Would you like BPA with your chicken noodle soup?


Bad news, convenient soup lovers: After years of consumer pushback, BPA is still widely found in packaged foods. In fact, at least 44 percent of 252 major brands use the controversial material in some or all of their products, according to a recently released study from the Environmental Working Group.

Just how bad is BPA? Research has shown that BPA, which can leach out from packaging lining and into the food, could cause a laundry list of side effects.  Mother Jones has the details:

A 2011 Harvard study found that those who ate canned soup every day for five days had levels of BPA in their urine that were ten times those who had fresh soup. Another study from the same year found BPA in 71 out of 78 canned food samples, with concentrations varying drastically between food types and even within the same product. The Food and Drug Administration maintains that BPA is “safe at the…

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