This terrifying new tool tells you how slutty you are


Much of the debate around providing comprehensive sexual education or universal birth control very sadly revolves around this deluded belief: If we give young women the means and knowledge to have sex without having babies, won’t they all just turn into enormous sluts?

This line of thinking is so dumb it almost doesn’t even bear discussing, because first of all: WHO FUCKING CARES! (Unintentional pun, but it stays.) Your personal opinions on promiscuity aside, the idea that access to birth control leads to increased sexual activity is truly bonkers.

Today, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more American women have access to zero-copay birth control than ever before (although serious gaps in that access still remain), and we also have the most options for said birth control. But guess what, people with an abiding and inexplicable terror of women going out and having sex? As a society, we’re all less trampy…

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